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Spring, summer and autumn are prime prairie deck seasons. But with Dr. Post, winter becomes "deck time", as well! As one of our customers boasts, "You could drive a forklift onto (this deck) without damaging it." Yes, we build solid decks. However, our emphasis is on the quality & utility of your deck. We want your deck to be a statement of your unique preferences and desires. Dr. Post works closely with you to choose the best design, the best materials and the best price, so that you can enjoy the best quality deck, year-round.

If you are interested in our deck construction services but would like to learn more about our process, the available styles, materials and colours. Schedule a meeting with a Dr.Post sales representative by filling out all fields on the "Schedule a Meeting" box on this page. To learn more about our sales rep meetings, click here for more information.

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Deck Materials

Below are just a few visual samples of possible materials, most of which are availabe in a wide range of styles and colours. For more specific information on the available styles or colours, please contact us or schedule a sales meeting with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Additionally, if a material you wish to use is not shown below, contact us for more information.

Pressure Treated Green

Pressure Treated Cedartone


Brazillian Hardwood



The Dr.Post Guarantee

Dr. Post builds fences and decks, completes renovations and building framing. But, more importantly, Dr. Post builds quality relationships with our clients. We begin by providing the highest quality of customer service, with a focus on premium materials and workmanship. We conclude with a one-year guarantee on all labour (contact us for details), and a guaranteed 90-day follow-up to ensure satisfaction with our workmanship and materials.